The Emmanuel Camps

The Emmanuel Camps are an experience of evangelical life that welcomes children, young people and families for a few days of spiritual renewal during the summer period.

The goal is to deepen Christian life, in fraternity, following Jesus, Good Shepherd.

It is in Quebec, in two peaceful and splendid places, in the heart of nature, that this summer experience is offered:

  • In Ste-Pétronille, on the Island of Orleans
  • In St-Honoré-de-Témiscouata

In recent years, camps in the regions have been organized according to the request and needs expressed.

For Jesus’ Sheep

For youngsters ages 6 to 12, our summer camps offer an experience of faith in a peaceful atmosphere of fraternity and mutual aid. Centered on the Word of God, the experience of the camps promotes encounter with Christ, with oneself and with others. Various spiritual activities are offered to the youngsters: daily prayer times, the sacraments of forgiveness and the Eucharist, as well as sports and fun.

For Jesus’ Shepherds

For teens aged 12 to 15, two proposals are offered.

Emmanuel camps where a specific pedagogy allows adolescents to live some times of sharing, deepening of their faith and mission all in fraternity.

The Joyful Companions experience where they have the opportunity to be at the service of the Emmanuel camps in a unique way in manual work, offering and prayer. It is an experience of faith in fraternity and of service in joy of being a missionary in small daily gestures.

For the families

For the past few years, the Emmanuel Camps experience has also been offered to families. It is an experience of faith and sharing in fraternity with other families of believers. The Word of God is at the heart of resourcing. It fosters the deepening of faith, the creating of deep bonds and the sharing of experiences. The presence of a priest allows parents and couples to exchange views, live the sacrament of forgiveness and celebrate the Eucharist during the camp.

Toddlers will have their place. The pedagogy takes into account their age and their interest. The Word of God is at the heart of their fun activities.


“Prayer and Eucharistic adoration: it is “gold”! Our experience here brings us back to basics!”

“I felt welcomed with my entire family. At no time did I feel that the children were disturbing.”

“The experience of the sacrament of forgiveness has changed my life! Worshiping as a couple, what a gift!”