The training sessions

Primary training

A charism to welcome

Two days entitled Entering the Word and Keeping the Word are offered to all people who wish to deepen their relationship with Christ the Good Shepherd and particularly to those who wish to work within the Movement.

These are days of personal growth that introduce participants to the intimacy of the Heart of Jesus and teach them to follow Him in everyday life.

They are the gateway to welcome the charism, the spirituality of the Sheep of Jesus and discern his call to serve Christ within the Movement.

The third day: Living the Word is a session offered to learn about the specific pedagogy of the different evangelization paths: the Lambs of Jesus, the Sheep of Jesus, the Shepherds of Jesus.

A sacramental initiation

For several years and following the request of parents, a family journey of preparation for the sacrament of forgiveness and the Eucharist has been offered for the Sheep of Jesus who express a desire for it. A training session is required to follow this process.

Continuing education

The annual meeting

Once a year, the shepherds involved in the Movement come together for a day to share their experiences, express their expectations, and together ensure the direction of the Movement. Everyone is responsible for keeping the grace received alive and current. At this meeting, the flame intensifies, spreads, reinvents itself in the dynamism of the Spirit.

The growth session

The growth session can be experienced in the region or at Maison Emmanuel. This day of resourcing allows the shepherds engaged in the Movement to keep the breath of evangelization received during the first training session. The participants share their difficulties, their joys and together live a time of deepening around the Word of God.

Training of trainers

Under the influence of the Holy Spirit and to ensure the expansion of the Movement in fidelity to the charism received, people are called upon to become formators in the Movement. They receive specific training which enables them to transmit the spirituality and pedagogy of the Movement. These formators are the guardians of the grace received and meet annually to share and revitalize themselves.


“The Word of God is alive, current! Following these two days, I have only one desire, to make the Word personal and daily nourishment. “

“This training inspires me to keep my child’s heart and to work for the unity of the Church. “

“I feel the Lord calling me to gather the scattered sheep and to make his Word known.”

“It is a pedagogy of the Word that changes our hearts. “

“To say in a few words what the Movement has brought me and what the fruits of it are in my life is quite a challenge. Within the movement, I had a unique and personal encounter with Jesus my Good Shepherd. It is this intimate encounter, this personal heart to heart that gives meaning to each of my days. An encounter which nourishes, which comforts, which guides, which gives life! The real source that quenches the thirst of my heart is in Jesus. It is this source that the movement of the Sheep of Jesus has enabled me to find “

“I rejoice in the fact that what we do with the Sheep of Jesus does not come from the head alone, but it is what comes out of our hearts through our testimony of life as baptized and as a child of God. “