The fraternity of Jesus Pastor


“You did not choose me, but I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce
fruit and that your fruit should remain.”
Jn 15,16

The path of evangelization of the Fraternity of Jesus Pastor wants to reach youngsters aged 16 years and older. These youngsters meet once or twice a month to share the Word of God, to pray and to worship. They actively engage in the Father’s vineyard by working in the movement or in their parish environment. They learn to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Pastor. The Word of God is at the heart of each meeting of the Fraternity.

In addition to regular meetings, 24 hours of resourcing are offered throughout the year to live Church highlights together. Ex: Greccio’s Christmas, Epiphany, Pentecost, etc.

The youngsters who feel a calling to follow Jesus, the only Shepherd, and to enter his project of love for them, can publicly commit themselves and receive the Tau. The Tau announces the Lord’s victory on the cross and recalls the daily requirement for evangelical conversion.


The people who accompany the Sheep of Jesus on their spiritual journey have received specific training on spirituality and pedagogy specific to the Movement. They are adults who are concerned with transmitting their faith in Jesus Christ and/or young adults who have been walking through the Sheep of Jesus for several years. They are called “Shepherds”.

The training over the years is inspired by ecclesial life by deepening the themes suggested by the universal Church.

Preliminary meetings introduce youngsters to the spirit of fraternity and present possible forms of belonging.

During training, youngsters can receive the Tau. Two dimensions of ecclesial life have gradually grown in importance over the years, Eucharistic adoration and mission.

Year Life in abundance

For the youngsters who feel the calling, it is possible to live a year of training in spiritual, community and apostolic life at the Emmanuel House, in spirituality and according to the movement’s own charisma. It takes the name Life in abundance.

Rule of life (excerpts)

  • The members of the Fraternity welcome each other like beloved sons and daughters of the Father. They welcome each other like brothers and sisters in Jesus. Above all, they want to have the Spirit of the Lord.
  • They take Mary in their hearts as Mother and as Guide on the path of life. They have a special trust and affection for him which they translate into prayer and action.
  • Francis, the poor child of Assisi, is a privileged companion, who by his example and his breath invited them to walk courageously and simply on the path of the Gospel.
  • By being open to differences welcomed as complimentary riches, by trust in oneself, in others and in God, through forgiveness given and received, they learn to build unity among themselves. They make their fraternal life the first apostolic witness. The Eucharist seals their unity.
  • They participate in the Church’s evangelization mission by the explicit proclamation of the Word in response to calls coming from places in which everyone is implanted or from the movement of the Sheep of Jesus throughout the world.
  • Each member, by the quality of his choices and his presence, decides on his form of belonging to the Fraternity.

A life in abundance with the Good Shepherd.

A life in abundance with the Good Shepherd.

To experience fraternal and missionary life according to the charisma of the Sheep of Jesus movement; To discover the gifts and talents received and put them at the service of the Gospel; To discern the callings of God in his life.

An abundant life at Emmanuel House

In a community and intergenerational life environment, offering human and Christian training with stimulating projects.
A life in abundance that requires…

An opening of the heart to the action of God in itself;

A desire to take part in the Emmanuel House’s community and missionary life;
A financial contribution of $200/month;
Support for personal expenses,
A written request explaining of motivations, presented for the month of May if possible.


  • In Jesus the Savior is our salvation. God’s love wraps the earth, protects it, heals it constantly.
  • The earth is surmounted by the Franciscan symbol which reminds us of the requirement of permanent conversion to Christ and to the Gospel.
  • Some continents have the sheep’s shape. This representation reminds us of the mission that the risen Lord has entrusted to the Church: “Make disciples of all nations” Mt 28,19.
  • The earth in the shape of a heart is the fulfillment of the motto: “Come Jesus, tenderness for the earth, which one day will be a visible reality.”
  • The rays symbolize the beating of His merciful Heart.